Our People

Our People

It is said that people are an asset; we believe that everything revolves around people. In order to do what we do, we need leaders to build a best-in-class customer-focused business. We do have those leaders on our team. You will find leadership at every level, and each employee in our team of more than 795 makes decisions every day to put our customers’ businesses first.

Our executive team is committed to delivering customer results with a balanced focus across customers, people, processes, and financial performance. We understand the unique requirements and dynamics of our customers and that is why our leadership empowers the business to adapt to customer’s unique requirements and enable our customer’s strategy.

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Digistics is dedicated to enabling seamless and sustainable end-to-end value chain solutions driven by our customer’s unique environment. Through excellence in our people, our values and systems, we’ve established ourselves as the leading multi-temperature logistics provider in Africa.

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We value diligent and disciplined process execution with a sense of urgency and are accountable for doing what we said we will do.


We value working together, giving clear direction on our common goals.


We value change as a constant that requires innovative thinking, flexibility, cutting edge technology and a continuous improvement culture that reinvents our environment through creative thinking and a willingness to take risk.


We value building lasting relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and community based on mutual respect, trust and integrity.


We value working together to understand and respect each other in helping each other to succeed.


We value the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

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At Digistics, we’re committed to sustaining the utmost level of integrity in business through compliance with the highest standards of ethical conduct which is critical to maintaining trust and credibility with customers, partners, suppliers and employees. We ensure that our employees are aware of their responsibility to carry out their jobs in an ethical manner. Our success reflects the experience, ethics and expertise of our employees, at every level of our organisation.

All applicable laws and regulations are constantly monitored, and we enforce complete compliance by all employees and business units. We strive towards excellence in motion, getting better at our jobs, in ourselves, and our business processes and operations, building a better and stronger business, every day.